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The Dreamcast console

The Dreamcast is a 6th generation console released by Sega in November 1998 in Japan and later in 1999 in other territories. Naomi is an arcade system board, which is very similar to the Dreamcast. Some Dreamcast emulators have support for it as well. Atomiswave is an arcade system board that is based upon Naomi.

Dreamcast emulation is okay, but nothing great. Some games work well, but many have problems and glitches.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Dreamcast Naomi Atomiswave Recommended
nullDC Windows 1.0.4 r150
DEmul Windows 0.582
reicast Android, Linux (arm7) 0.r4 ? ?
Makaron Windows T12/5
Chankast Windows 0.25
Lxdream Linux, OS X 0.9.1


Makaron is the only Dreamcast emulator that can properly play games that use Windows CE.