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Nintendo launched their DSi remodel of the Nintendo DS in 2009 with a bunch of exclusives sold through an online service (DSiWare) or much more rarely, physically in retail stores in regular DS game packaging. It no longer has the Slot-2 for GBA games, but it came with an integrated new camera that was used extensively in some of the DSiWare releases.

Some late-era normal DS releases also had a DSi mode when played on a DSi, but most of them were still compatible with regular DS units - missing the enhancements of course -. However, besides Pokémon B&W/B&W2, such games were usually shovelware using the DSi camera. The "enhancements" were also a way to region-lock the games, anyways. The quality DSi exclusives were the retail DSi-only Monster Finder and the wealth of digital-only DSiWare software. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Go Go Koppolo, Shantae
  • Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda ("motion controlled" DSi game with pseudo-3D stereoscopic effect)
  • WarioWare Snapped
  • Zelda Four Swords 20th Anniversary


DSiWare software can be currently emulated by the NO$GBA emulator in its latest version available. This can be done by loading DSi system menu files, adding a number of backup managers that are otherwise used in a real DSi, and installing .nds DSiWare backups included in a virtual .SD local disk image file, by the means of a program like OSFMount.