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If you have a PS Vita or PSTV on firmware version 3.60, you can turn it into a decent emulation device by installing the HENkaku homebrew enabler. Those on firmware versions prior to 3.60 can update manually by following the instructions here. There are no homebrew solutions for firmwares 3.61 and higher at this time.



Available cores
Core Game/System Working? Notes
2048 2048
DeSmuME Nintendo DS
DOSBox DOS Virtual keyboard does not work
Final Burn Alpha Arcade
Final Burn Alpha (2012)
  • Uses FBA v0.2.97.30 ROM sets
  • Main core (fbalpha2012_libretro) does not work, but platform-specific cores run at full speed
Fuse ZX Spectrum Loading more than one ROM in a single session will crash RetroArch
Gambatte Game Boy/Color
Genesis Plus GX Sega systems (SMS/GG/GEN/SCD) Redbook audio hangs when suspending or pausing RetroArch
gpSP Game Boy Advance ~45-50 FPS
Handy Atari Lynx
MAME (2000) Arcade
  • Uses MAME 0.37b5 ROM sets
  • Up to 60 FPS depending on game
MAME (2003)
  • Uses MAME 0.78 ROM sets
  • 30 FPS or less, FBA is recommended instead
Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket/Color Loading more than one ROM in a single session will crash RetroArch
PC Engine
Virtual Boy ~25-30 FPS
WonderSwan/Color Full speed on WS games, ~45-60 FPS on WSC games
Nestopia NES ~55-60 FPS, use FCEUmm instead
NXEngine Cave Story
PCSX ReARMed PlayStation ~50-60 FPS at standard resolution
PicoDrive Sega systems (GEN/SCD/32X) 2D games run full speed, 3D games run about 30 FPS or less
PrBoom Doom
ProSystem Atari 7800
Snes9x 2002 (PocketSNES) Super Nintendo Least accurate but fastest SNES core
Snes9x 2005 (CatSFC) ~55-60 FPS on standard games, ~50 FPS on Super FX games
Snes9x 2005+ (CatSFC+) Same as Snes9x 2005 but with better sound, at the cost of a few FPS
Snes9x 2010 (Snes9x Next) Most accurate but slowest SNES core (~40 FPS)
Stella Atari 2600
TGB Dual Game Boy/Color
TyrQuake Quake ~40-50 FPS, use vitaQuake instead
VBA Next Game Boy Advance ~50-60 FPS
Vecx Vectrex
Yabause Sega Saturn Technically works but is unplayably slow


Super Nintendo[edit]

Name Version
CATSFC-libretro-vita Git
Snes9xVITA Git

Game Boy/Color/Advance[edit]

Name Version GB GBC GBA Recommended
mGBA 0.5.2 ✗*
RealBoy-Vita Git

* mGBA runs slow on the Vita currently, but optimizations and a dynamic recompiler are in progress.[1][2]

Nintendo DS[edit]

Name Version Recommended
DeSmuME-Vita (MasterFeizz) Git ✗*
DeSmuME-Vita (xerpi) Source** ?

* No dynamic recompiler, runs very slow
** No official binary available, but an unofficial one can be found here.


Name Version GEN SCD SMS GG Recommended
Genesis Plus GX Git

Other systems[edit]

Atari Lynx[edit]

  • HandyVITA (Download: Git)

Neo Geo Pocket/Color[edit]

  • NeopopVITA (Download: Git)

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