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Here is a list of notable games that can be problematic to emulate. Solutions are provided if possible.


Metal Gear Solid[edit]

MGS rewrites BIOS commands in order to work, and just a simulated one won't cut it. Do not use simulated BIOS in PCSX-R. These will just give a blank screen. If you are using BIOS and it is still not working, try different BIOS files.

If the game stutters, enable the relevant fix in your sound plugin.

Trying to fight Psycho Mantis on an emulator that can't change controller ports? Die enough times and you will be given another method: shooting statues.[1]

Game Boy Color[edit]


VBA doesn't emulate the game properly. Use Gambatte or VBA-M instead.

Nintendo DS[edit]

Pokemon Series[edit]

All of the Pokemon games have issues, owing to the fact that the DeSmuME devs hate the series and refuse to fix them. You can't trade between emulators (devs refused to merge WiFi implementation), and there are graphical glitches. Recent builds of DeSmuME-libretro have fixed some of the graphical issues, but you can't use the GBA slot in RetroArch and there is still no WiFi support.


DSi support is only (partially) present in No$GBA, so use that.


Note: If the game is not set in options to 60Hz it might lead to graphic problems from the get go, some examples being God Hand, Metal Slug, Tekken 5 and Destroy All Humans.

Ace Combat 4/5/Zero[edit]

All three are perfectly playable in software mode, but have major graphical issues in hardware mode. Use software mode if your PC is up to the task. This series used to have hit detection issues, but the latest GIT version, with automatic game fixes turned on, will work.

Jak and Daxter Series[edit]

Suffers from crazy visual errors like blacked out eyes. Run the game in software mode, or activate the alpha hack to fix the shadows. Blacked out eyes can't be fixed without using software mode.

Jak X can now be booted with a cheat file patch

Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3[edit]

These games need a very high end CPU to run at full speed and will run slowly on most CPUs.  All of the various blades of grass in MGS3 are one cause of its slowdown. Also, various shader effects will only work correctly in software mode.

Ratchet and Clank Series[edit]

All of these games have bad visual glitches in hardware mode due to lack of custom mipmap support, and run slowly due to that. Most issues are fixed with software mode.

Shadow of the Colossus[edit]

This game needs a very high end CPU to run at full speed.

Time Crisis 2[edit]

There is currently no lightgun support in PCSX2.

Zone of the Enders 1 and 2[edit]

These games needs a very high end CPU to run at full speed.


Dangan Ronpa[edit]

Make sure you're using the latest version of PPSSPP.
Go to Game Settings > Graphics. If you use a Nvidia GPU, select Read Framebuffers to Memory (GPU) under "Rendering Mode". If you use an AMD GPU or Android device, select Read Framebuffers to Memory (CPU).

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker[edit]

As of the latest version of PPSSPP ( the PC emulation seems entirely playable minus the online, even if the framerate is locked to 20 FPS, that is until one of the last bosses in the game the level "Peace Walker battle 2", the bug is said boss's life not decreasing from the last 2 bars, making the game unbeatable. This issue is fixed in dev builds.[1]


The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures[edit]

GBA connection issues and various other glitches plague this title.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader \ Rebel Strike[edit]

Both require a strong computer to run at full speed. Minor visual errors may persist.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars[edit]

The last real game to not boot in Dolphin at all. Supposedly has MMU issues similar to Rebel Strike, so recent advancements in that game might mean this is next. Also on PS2, so try that version if this is your favorite game.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[edit]

Suffers from numerous problems. Play it on the real console if you can.

Metroid Prime Trilogy[edit]

Glitch city. Just play the GameCube versions.

Zelda: Skyward Sword[edit]

Recommended to use a real Wiimote and Motion Plus to emulate. See details here.

It is possible to use a conventional controller with this build, but it's a pain in the ass and not worth wasting your time trying.