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JPCSP is a PlayStation Portable emulator written in Java. It requires Java Runtime environment to be installed.


JPCSP Dev Builds


It requires the Jave Runtime Environment to be installed, which has a history of security issues. Because it uses Java, it is also much slower than PPSSPP. It is recommended to use PPSSPP instead, and only to use JPCSP if a game does not work. Development of PPSSPP is rapid, and it will soon overtake JPCSP in terms of game compatibility.

The developers of JPCSP never intended for it to become a standard emulator. It was created to better understand the PSP's inner workings. Thanks to the JPCSP team, PPSSPP is developing quickly. Both teams communicate and contribute with each other.


For most audio, you'll need some method of decoding ATRAC3+. FFmpeg plans to cover that, but for now you need at3tool or SonicStage.