Kega Fusion

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Current version: 3.64 (Windows)
3.63 (Linux/OS X)
Active: No
OS: Windows, Linux, OS X
Authors: Steve Snake
Official website: carpe ludum
Source code: Unknown

Kega Fusion is a Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Mega Drive, SVP, Pico, Sega/Mega CD and 32X emulator.


Kega Fusion 3.64 for Windows


A high quality emulator with high compatibility. Unfortunately, it's closed source and no longer updated. For this reason, other Genesis emulators have surpassed it in terms of compatibility. Genesis Plus GX has 100% commercial game compatibility. However, it lacks the 32X support that Kega Fusion has.


  • Support for up to 4 (5??) simultaneous people
  • Can emulate every console, handheld and peripheral released before the Saturn
  • In-game chat, so you don't have to switch between windows
  • Every player can share Controller 1 at the same time so you can take turns with single player games
  • Netplay can be finely tuned to give the smoothest experience possible (with slight input lag)
  • The emulator is extremely sensitive and desyncs if you focus on another window, move the window around or minimize it
  • Chat messages appear too briefly on screen