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libretro (formerly libsnes) is an API designed mainly for games and emulators. It allows games and emulators to be compiled as dynamically linked libraries known as "libretro cores", which can be used in a frontend that implements libretro, such as RetroArch.

Libretro Frontends[edit]



System Core Version Notes
SNES bsnes 0.94 Separate cores for each profile.

C++98 version is bsnes 0.85 Performance profile.

SNES bsnes-mercury 0.94 Fork of bsnes with modifications for speed. Separate cores for each profile
SNES PocketSNES Git WIP ARM-based SNES emulator
SNES Snes9x 1.54 Supports libretro in upstream.
SNES Snes9x Next 1.52.4 Fork of Snes9x 1.52 WIP focused on speed.
SNES Mednafen bsnes 0.9.26 Fork of bsnes v59 with a few modifications.
WonderSwan Mednafen Cygne ? Modified fork of Cygne.
PlayStation Mednafen PSX Fork, has significant modifications for enhancements. Sometimes referred to as "Beetle PSX."
PlayStation Mednafen PSX HW Alpha Adds an OpenGL renderer to Mednafen PSX based on the GPU renderer from Rustation. Sometimes referred to as "Beetle PSX HW." Still contains the software rendering mode as an option, so this core can effectively replace the "Mednafen PSX" core listed above.
PlayStation PCSX-ReARMed r22 Supports libretro in upstream.
PC Engine & PCE-CD Mednafen PCE-Fast ?
PC Engine SuperGrafx Mednafen SuperGrafx ?
PC-FX Mednafen PC-FX ?
Neo-Geo Pocket Mednafen NeoPop ? Modified fork of NeoPop.
Virtual Boy Mednafen VB ?
Atari 2600 Stella 3.9.3
Atari 7800 ProSystem 1.3e
Atari Lynx Handy 0.95
Atari Lynx Mednafen Lynx ? Modified fork of Handy.
Atari Jaguar Virtual Jaguar 2.1.0 Very low FPS.
NES bnes 0.83
NES FCEUmm 98.13mm (SVN)
NES QuickNES 1.0
NES Nestopia 1.46-WIP Supports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy/Color Gambatte 0.5.0 Has an option to disable color correction
Game Boy/Color TGB-Dual 0.8.3 Has a split-screen mode for game linking.
Game Boy Advance VBA-Next 1.0.2 Fork of VBA-M focused on speed.
Game Boy Advance VBA-M SVN Supports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy Advance Meteor 1.4 Supports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy Advance Mednafen VBA Fork of an old version of VBA
Game Boy Advance TempGBA Git PSP-only fork of gpSP
Game Boy Advance gpSP 0.91 Dynarec available for ARM
Game Boy Advance, Game Boy/Color mGBA 0.5.2
Nintendo 64 Mupen64Plus 2.0-rc2 Fork, has significant modifications.
Nintendo 64 GLupeN64 2.5 Core that combines up to date Mupen64plus with the up to date GLideN64 video plugin
Nintendo 64 paraLLEl pre-alpha New fork/rewrite of the Mupen64Plus core with a port of the Angrylion video plugin to Vulkan for massive speed improvements. Highly accurate on compatible games, extremely broken on incompatible games.
Sega Systems (Master, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear) Genesis Plus GX 1.7.4 Exclusive to libretro on non-GC/Wii platforms. Supports libretro in upstream.
Sega Systems (Master, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X) PicoDrive 1.81 Exclusive to libretro on PC platforms. Supports libretro in upstream.
Sega Saturn Yabause 0.9.13 Lacks dynarec and GL renderer. Heavily outdated.
Arcade Final Burn Alpha Older version for use on slower platforms
Arcade Final Burn Alpha
Arcade MAME 2000 0.37b5 Old version for use on very slow platforms.
Arcade MAME 2003 0.78 Old version for use on slow platforms.
Arcade MAME 2010 0.139 Old but more recent version for mobile devices.
Arcade MAME 2014 0.159 Very recent version for PC and other fast devices.
Everything MAME 0.170 (Git) Based on bleeding edge Git. Official merge of MESS into MAME codebase.
Nintendo DS DeSmuME SVN Has options for single-screen fullscreen with swapping.
PSP PPSSPP Git WIP(heavily outdated)
Amiga PUAE 2.6.1
Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon Hatari 1.7
MSX/SVI/Colecovision/SG-1000 blueMSX 2.8.2 (SVN)
MSX fMSX 3.9
Vectrex vecx SVN
Odyssey 2/VideoPac O2EM 1.18
ZX Spectrum Fuse 1.11
Nintendo GameCube Dolphin Git WIP, currently non-functioning
Wii Dolphin Git WIP, currently non-functioning
Game & Watch gw-libretro Git This emulator is actually a simulator of Game & Watch systems. This core has code from MADrigal.
Amstrad CPC Cap32 Git WIP
Sega Dreamcast Reicast 0.1 WIP. Currently only builds for x64 platforms.
ZX81 (for now) EightyOne Git WIP

Game Engine[edit]

Game Core Version Notes
Quake TyrQuake 0.61
Doom PrBoom 2.5.0
Cave Story NXEngine
LucasArt Game Engines ScummVM 1.6.0 Requires loading games inside it's own GUI, does not load games from RetroArch's Load Content option.
RPG Maker 2000/2003 EasyRPG 0.4.1

Standalone Game[edit]

Game Genre
Dinothawr Puzzle


Core Description
FFmpeg Media Player
Modelviewer 3D Tech Demo
SceneWalker 3D Tech Demo
Imageviewer Image Viewer

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