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PCSX-Reloaded is a plugin-based PlayStation emulator.



PCSX-R is the best choice if you want to play 3D games at higher resolutions. If you encounter glitches or you're emulating a 2D game, use Mednafen instead. Check Recommended PS1 Plugins for plugin configurations.

The PGXP fork adds texture perspective correction, reduced polygon culling, and reduced polygon jitter (more so than mainline PCSX-R's GTE hack). Mainline has a major issue where a hack written for WipeOut causes slowdowns in many games. This is fixed by making the hack an option (in CPU settings; off by default), and also adds an option for CPU overclocking. It is recommended to use this fork until mainline fixes this issue.

PCSX-Reloaded features:

  • Support for PeteOpenGL2Tweak
  • Native multitrack Cue sheet support
  • Disk tray opening and closing for games that require it
  • A widescreen hack in the CPU options (3D games only)
  • Controller plugin support
  • Compatibility with anti-jitter options in graphics plugins, such as GTE accuracy in the default Peops OpenGL plugin, or Improved coordinate accuracy in Edgbla gpuBladeSoft and it also supports Pete OpenGL2 plugin.
  • Suppport for ECM files (currently only OSX and Linux version)
  • Support for Libarchive (currently only OSX and Linux version)
  • Save Rewind feature (currently only OSX and Linux version)


  • F1: Save state
  • F2: Switch to next save slot
  • F3: Load state
  • F4: Display state screenshot
  • F5: Toggle SIO IRQ
  • F6: Toggle Black & White decoders
  • F7: Toggle XA
  • F8: Take a game screenshot
  • F9: Open the Disc tray
  • F10: Close the Disc tray
  • ESC: Return to the main window
  • Ctrl 1 to 5: Save state 1 to 5
  • Alt 1 to 5: Load state 1 to 5
  • Alt 0: Load state from last ESC quit


Keybinds in LilyPad[edit]

To get hotkeys to work, like using the esc key: in the keyboard Input API (radio buttons in the top left of the LilyPad options), choose raw input.

Default plugin on Windows[edit]

The default GPU plugin that comes with PCSX-R mostly doesn't work on Windows. Check Recommended PS1 Plugins for plugin configurations.

Changing discs[edit]

Some games (like Final Fantasy) allow you to save in the "Disc Change screen". For games that don't allow that (like Metal Gear Solid), disc switching can be a bit tricky:

  1. Press F9 to open Disc tray
  2. Press Esc to go to PCSX-R menu
  3. Emulator → Switch ISO...
  4. Emulator → Run
  5. Press F10 to close Disc tray

OS X disc switching[edit]

The process for switching discs on OS X is slightly different:

  1. Go to File → Eject…
  2. For physical CDs:
    1. The physical CD will eject.
    2. Replace the CD that was ejected.
    3. Close the drive: PCSX-R will wait for a new CD to be inserted and resume when a new one is available. NOTE: The current release version does not wait for a new CD. An svn build will work better.
  3. ​For ISOs:
    1. ​A file selection window will come up.
    2. Select your new ISO.
    3. Click the "Open" button.