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The Beast, The Original, The TYPE-X

The Taito Type X is an arcade system board released by Taito in 2004.  Based on commodity PC hardware architecture, Type X is not a specification for a single set of hardware, but rather a modular platform supporting multiple hardware configurations with different levels of graphical capability. 

They use the Windows operating systems, and for that reason they do not need a special emulator to run on Windows systems. To run on Linux or OSX systems, Wine is required. It is unknown how well they work in Wine.


Name Operating System(s)
Taito Type X/X+ Windows XP Embedded
Taito Type X7 Windows XP Embedded
Taito Type X² Windows XP Embedded
Taito Type X Zero Windows Embedded Standard 7
Taito Type X³ Windows Embedded Standard 7 64bit


Games need a launcher to work. For saving scores, you'll need to use save fixes on a per-game basis, 'Loaders Pack' has fixes for many games. Also, some shmup games for the original Type X need an extra fix.

There's more info about tools and games here.